Hybrid Hypnosis ™ For Trauma


Trauma is far more prevalent in our society than we realize. Since we are taught to suppress our emotions, and since it is not always safe to be vulnerable, we hide our trauma and bear the burdens of the pain on our own. Furthermore, the challenge is that sometimes, we do not even know that we have been traumatized since we have become adept at coping, suppressing, or avoiding thinking about abuse, traumatic events, painful memories. This can lead to severe mental and emotional stress. When you finally get to the point when you recognize that something is not right, it may be difficult to know where to begin to find a way to discover the solution to resolving the pain and trauma, and reclaiming your life.   

Any thought, emotion, painful memory, person, or event that keeps you from being fully free to express yourself, and feel safe in your life is worth releasing from your life. Regardless of how seemingly insignificant the trauma, the cause is still disempowering.

Your subconscious mind knows everything about you. It has been with you your entire life and has all of your memories. It also knows how all of the associations were made which now have you living under mental and emotional stress.

Michele’s proprietary Hybrid Hypnosis ™  allows her to access your subconscious mind and ask it to rewire the memories of the trauma. The emotional state which may now be causing anxiety and stress can be accessed by the subconscious mind and treated so that it is no longer getting in the way of your ability to live in peace. Even if you do not consciously remember what caused the trauma, your subconscious mind does. Therefore, you can get the relief you want and need. Your mind will be free to now focus on what you want in your life, rather than avoiding what you do not want. 

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Michele has been helping clients live their best lives for over 12 years.

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How It Works

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