Four-By-Four Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Program

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Overhaul Your Life With The Three-By-Four Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Program

Four-By-Four Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Program

Three sessions each month for four months.

The Four-By-Four Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Program is designed to give clients a complete life makeover. Michele will help you rediscover your true Essence and your true Self. Your new self-realization will allow you to live life on your own term, instead of being disempowered by habits and harmful patterns of behavior.

Michele is much more than just a hypnotherapist. She is a healer that helps her clients remove mental obstacles to greatness. She uses Hypnosis Therapy, Hybrid Hypnosis ™, Empowerment Coaching, and other powerful tools to help her clients achieve their goals.

Before you enroll in this program, you must be 100% committed to your success as you work with Michele so that you can get your desired results.

The Four-By-Four Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Program Includes:

  • Three sessions each month for four months
  • Break bad habits and free yourself from all the disempowering patterns which are holding you back from living your best life
  • Discover and release deep-rooted issues that contribute to stress
  • Sessions can be done online through Zoom or in-person in Cave Creek, Arizona
  • Homework and fun activities
  • Michele will provide you with powerful resources and tools
  • Michele will guide and support you on your journey to Live an Inspired Life! ™
  • Reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind to release negative emotional programs that do not benefit you
  • Email support


The cost is $833.33 per month for 4 months, or $3,333.33 for a one-time payment.

How It Works

Step 1:

Enroll in the Four-By-Four Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Program by making a payment below.

Step 2:

Call or email Michele to schedule an Intake Session with Michele, where she will interview you to fully understand who you are, and your goals. Michele will also perform a Hybrid Hypnosis ™ with you to introduce you to the power of her work.

Step 3:

Schedule your subsequent Four-By-Four Hybrid Hypnosis ™ sessions with Michele. Each session in this program lasts for one hour. Michele will use Hybrid Hypnosis ™ and other techniques needed, based on her findings from your Intake Session and your goals. You will also access powerful resources, tools and exercises to help you improve your life.

Make A 1-Time Payment


Use this option to make a 1-time payment.

4 Month Payment

$833.33 Per Month for 4 Months

This option allows you to make payments conveniently for the 4 months.

Get Started

When you are ready to exponentially improve your quality of life, enroll in the Four-By-Four Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Program.


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