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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a therapeutic approach originating with Dolores Cannon. QHHT helps hypnotherapists guide their patients to access a state of mind for powerful healing of physical illnesses and mental trauma. The quantum healing hypnosis technique, otherwise called a QHHT session, is also used to help participants access past life events that help them to navigate current life challenges. This method’s effectiveness has been tried, tested, and proven over decades within thousands of therapy sessions.

Dolores’ Pioneering QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

Dolores Cannon and her husband, Jim Cannon, discovered it was possible to take patients back beyond the beginning of their current lives. They discovered that people could be regressed beyond their current lives to relive multiple past lives. Following their discovery, Dolores successfully used QHHT sessions across decades with amazing results as she perfected the art of regressing individuals to the Somnambulistic level.

As Dolores fine-tuned her QHHT past life regression sessions, she began to research sacred knowledge and reincarnation. Dolores amassed vast knowledge and uncommon insight as she worked to develop a safe and effective method to move beyond the chatter of the conscious mind to focus on the Somnambulistic state.

Guided by her discoveries during her QHHT sessions, Dolores wrote 19 incredible books on topics such as the origins of life, The Source of creation, extraterrestrials, and figures such as Jesus and Nostradamus. Her most recent books, ‘The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge’ and ‘The Convoluted Universe’ were published following her death in 2014.

How Does QHHT Therapy Work?

QHHT sessions help clients access the deepest possible hypnotic trance. That’s the Somnambulistic level of trance, which occurs twice per day. You access the somnambulistic state just before you wake up and just before you fall asleep. We forget our previous lives when we incarnate on Earth along with our soul connections and connection to The Source. Quantum Hypnosis helps participants access this hidden information through what Dolores called the Subconscious.

The Subconscious encapsulates all consciousness while standing above and moving beyond all consciousness. The Subconscious enables people from any culture, religion, background, or belief system to access ‘The Source’ or God.

Dolores’ term, ‘The Subconscious’ shouldn’t be conflated with more popular definitions of subconsciousness from more popular disciplines such as Psychology. As defined by Dolores, the Subconscious is a greater part of ourselves that’s always connected to ‘The Source’ or God. Dolores thought the word subconscious was an apt description since this consciousness is deeper than our conscious mind and has access to all-knowingness. We use our conscious mind as we engage in everyday things such as work and relationships with others.

Accessing ‘The Source’, through a QHHT therapy session, gives participants access to their past lives allowing them to heal associated traumas. QHHT sessions work because the ‘The Source’ has unlimited knowledge and an unlimited ability to heal physical issues. Most hypnotherapists avoid accessing the somnambulistic level of trance because they either don’t know how to or are cautious about the results. This is because accessing the somnambulistic state can produce unexpected outcomes. These unexpected outcomes include reliving events from past lives such as their births, deaths, daily life, important events, or accidents.

At the same time, past life events and current life events that are brought to consciousness are not randomly evoked. Specific memories and knowledge are brought to the forefront during a QHHT session according to what ‘The Source’ recognizes as necessary for healing.

The Subconscious In A QHHT Hypnosis Session

The internet has given us greater access to knowledge and so supports the rapid expansion of consciousness the western world currently experiences. With that, there is a wider acknowledgment of a higher self and of the Subconscious. This has seen the dawn of a convergence between spirituality and science affording the best of both worlds to support healthcare.

What exactly is the Subconscious though? Religious and spiritual teachers have referred to the Subconscious using many names. It’s been labeled The Oversoul, Christ Consciousness, the Universal Mind, Higher Consciousness, and Oneness with Source among other things.

In Dolores’ QHHT sessions, she discovered that the name used to describe the Subconscious is irrelevant. In fact, names are regarded as immaterial to the Subconscious. The Subconscious describes itself as ‘simply is’. In Dolores’ experience during her Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions, the Subconscious is willing to communicate with and heal anyone with a sincere request and sincere intent. The Subconscious knows everything there is to know about each individual whether or not the person is conscious of it because of its intimate link to the individual. With that knowledge, the Subconscious offers the exact assistance the individual needs during a Quantum Hypnotherapy session.

The QHHT practitioner will ask the Subconscious to share information unknown to the person’s conscious mind that will help to heal during a QHHT session These revelations usually expose the root of mental illnesses, phobias, and physical ailments. Following that, the person experiences catalyzed healing and recovery. This is possible because the Subconscious is akin to the soul. There is an intuitive understanding of the factors at play that supports ill conditions. These factors could be a number of things including unresolved past life conflicts, limited perceptions, and trauma. During the QHHT session, the Subconscious always reveals the most helpful information to support the individual’s healing.

Once the root of an issue is revealed in the QHHT session, the practitioner will then ask the Subconscious whether it’s permissible to heal the issues the person currently faces. If there is an agreement to heal the issue, then healing is immediate. There is no discomfort, medication, or surgery involved in the healing process of a QHHT hypnosis session. In fact, usually, when the cause of an issue is revealed there is immediate healing as there is release in the participants’ minds and bodies.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a powerful tool of healing and is an intricate blend of spirituality, psychology, and science. The internet’s vast knowledge has cascaded the integration of these disciplines forward and is seeing QHHT taking its place among the many tools of healthcare.

Being a QHHT practitioner means embracing unfamiliar concepts to step beyond our formal education and social priming. With a dedication to the practice, QHHT offers incredible breakthroughs in our understanding of consciousness.

Creating The Conscious

According to quantum physics and scientific evidence, everything in the known universe is made up of energy. This understanding of the universe is complementary to the concept of conscious creation. Conscious creation is built on the idea that everything in the world around us is created by our thoughts.

Everything around us vibrates at a particular frequency and thoughts are simply projected energy taking a physical form. These thoughts are made up of either positive or negative traits. Embracing this concept of reality suggests then that everyone is responsible for their actions.

The responsibility for our reality expands itself before our consciousness in our current lifetime. Our souls are eternal. We come to Earth to learn specific lessons through our experiences. To learn these lessons we create soul contracts at the beginning of each lifetime. These contracts will dictate some aspects of our current life conditions.

That said, there are instances where the Subconscious will opt not to remove some conditions in a QHHT session. In the first condition, the individual has to be interested in being healed. In some instances, individuals may harbor fears about being healed or may not think they need healing at all. In those instances, the Subconscious respects their boundaries and will leave according to their wish in a QHHT hypnosis session.

In the second instance, removing the affliction may be in violation of their soul contract or life lessons. For example, before this incarnation, they may have agreed to be blind or bear some other affliction for the duration of their lives. If this is the case in a QHHT session, the Subconscious will allow the issue to remain.

In the final instance, healing the person may be redundant. The Subconscious acknowledges medicine and other logical approaches where appropriate. In some cases, healing the person’s body or mind within a quantum hypnotherapy session isn’t a permanent solution because the individual’s habits perpetuate their condition. In these cases, the Subconscious will acknowledge the redundancy and opt to leave things as is. An example is someone who is choosing to be a part of an abusive relationship or is unwilling to take steps to curb addiction.

Work With One Of Arizona’s Top Hypnotherapists

Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions are a powerful tool for self-exploration and growth. Joining a QHHT session grants you access to the all-knowing parts of yourself to optimize your healing experience. A cornerstone of QHHT is past life regression. Exploring multiple past lives within QHHT therapy sessions will help you to recognize patterns, resolve issues, and uncover life lessons and karmic ties that influence your current life.

With a certified Practitioner in a QHHT session, you can rest assured that the questions being asked of your Subconscious are based on expert training and will uncover real solutions to the problems you are facing.

Quantum healing hypnosis sessions take you through multiple past lives in this and multiple other worlds, between the life and death state to find answers in the somnambulistic state of hypnosis. The answers to these questions are otherwise a mystery.

QHHT is effective regardless of your belief system and is no doubt an advanced and progressive way to approach life. As a trained QHHT Practitioner here at Uniquely Northern, I can attest to the life-changing healing experiences so many of our clients have experienced. If you’d like help relieving physical ailments or recurring life patterns, let us guide you.

Clients of practitioners all over the world have found relief from so many ailments in QHHT sessions. You would expect that these conditions are solely mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. However, in addition to these conditions, many clients have found continued relief for their physical conditions and guidance in relieving perpetuating conditions in hypnotherapy healing sessions.

Here are a few of the most popular physical healing experiences:

  • Cancers of various kinds and stages have been healed
  • Livers have been regenerated and restored
  • Tissue for wounds have been regenerated without scarring
  • Migraines have been removed and their causes explained
  • 20/20 Vision has been restored
  • Diabetes has been explained and removed
  • Intestinal conditions have been healed
  • Middle and lower back conditions have been healed
  • Cartilage has been reconstructed between joints
  • Neck and shoulder pains have been explained and relieved
  • Skin conditions have been cleared
  • Lung conditions have been identified and healed
  • HIV has been removed
  • Heart conditions have been healed without surgery
  • Kidney functionality has been restored and regenerated

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We ask that you allow 5 hours for our time together. Dress comfortably. Eat before you arrive.

IMPORTANT: Please bring a list of questions you would like to ask your subconscious mind. Any questions at all, about health, life purpose, relationship…anything.

Feel free to get in touch to make an appointment and get started. Let us help you on your healing journey.

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