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UniQuely Northern was founded in 2008 to provide clients with support in finding resources within themselves to Live Inspired Lives! Michele supports clients around the world either in person, on the telephone, or online through video conferencing.

Live an Inspired Life!

If you’ve come here, you either have a great life and want more of it, or you could be stuck in some area of your life. Growth is required to live a fulfilled life… so you are on the right track. There is a reason you are here and I am excited to take this journey with you. Just knowing that you are not alone on this journey will give you the added courage to move forward boldly. Where else can you find an environment where you can talk to someone who is 100% dedicated to your success… with no conditions?

I will use my unique methods of combining hypnotherapy with coaching to empower you to achieve your desired goals and to develop your innate skills.

I have been practicing Hybrid Hypnotherapy ™ for a long time, making sure that our focus is directed to the heart of the problem. UniQuely Northern is meant to aid those who seek help or are too afraid to seek it alone.

You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

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Hypnotherapy in Carefree Arizona

Change Your Life With The 20-20 Hybrid Hypnosis Program ™

Join Michele’s 20-20 Hybrid Hypnosis Program ™ and tap into powerful resources to help you achieve your goals and Live an Inspired Life. By joining this program, you will spend 20 minutes every 2 weeks doing easy yet powerful activities to unlock the best version of yourself.

Spend 20 Minutes For 20 Weeks

And Change Your Life!


Michele has helped hundreds of clients successfully unleash their hidden greatness through UniQuely Northern. Read some of their reviews below:

Michele not only is a hypnotist, she is genuinely concerned about her patients. She takes her time to get to know you so…

Hypno Therapist Michele Guy Syne
Dolores T.

What a work! Just follow the voice, it can transform a life, if you allow it to: it brought my sparkle back! Thanks Michele!…

Hypnotherapy Online
Aude M.

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