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Begin your journey towards Release with Michele with an introduction to her proprietary Hybrid-Hypnosis™. This interactive 2-hour session will help you uncover and overcome the conscious and subconscious emotions which may be keeping you from being the best version of yourself.

Are you a high-performing individual who feels stuck in one, or more areas of your life? Are you successful by all societal standards and norms and yet you feel unfulfilled? Do you feel like you are driving a Maserati MC20 at 110 mph on the Autobahn…with your foot on the brakes? Clients have come to Michele after having spent 10’s of thousands of dollars and travelling all over the country looking for solutions to their issues. These issues include chronic illness, eating disorders, alcohol dependency, and sleep deprivation. And yet in one Intake Session with Michele, they find relief and can move on with their lives in a positive direction.

When working with Michele, you will begin with a Hybrid-Hypnosis™  Intake Session. This session takes 1-1/2 to 2 hours and allows Michele to get a complete picture and context to use as a basis for working with you. You will complete Intake Forms which will be used to guide the inquiry into issues which may be keeping you disempowered. You will share whatever you would like to share with Michele to support her in guiding your session. However, know that you can get relief without sharing information which you may be uncomfortable sharing. Your subconscious mind has the answers and knows how to treat with Michele’s guidance.

Once Michele has a complete picture, she will guide you into a calm state with your eyes closed and guide you through an emotional release using here Hybrid-Hypnosis™. Your subconscious mind knows everything about you. It has been with you your entire life and has all of your memories. It also knows how all of the associations were made which may now be keeping you in a disempowered state.

‘When you change your perspective, you change your life.’

Michele’s proprietary Hybrid-Hypnosis™   allows her to access your subconscious mind and command it to rewire the trauma, painful memories, challenging events, or relationships. The emotional states which may be causing you discomfort, physical, mentally, or both, can be accessed by the subconscious mind and treated so that they no longer get in the way of your ability to live your life in peace. Even if you do not consciously remember what caused the painful emotions, your subconscious mind does. Therefore, you can get the relief you want and need. Your mind will be free to now focus on what you want in your life, rather than avoiding what you do not want. 



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