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Harvard Business Review in an article by Ron Carucci, states that Self-Improvement Should be a Group Activity. Furthermore, Michele feels that it is better to develop one close relationship in this life than to try to save the world. In University, Michele had a girlfriend who had more friends than she could shake a stick at. As they walked across campus to our classes, everyone would say hello to her. On the other hand, Michele had a small group of close friends. And Michele’s friend admired her, and the strength of the bond she had with the handful of people who knew me and who she knew. The relationships were authentic, mutually supportive, and deep.

Certainly, the best way to get results, and in the shortest time – is in a group setting. Of course, this implies that the interaction will be in-person, one-on-one. Our group Custom Programs will provide you with the most in-depth and lasting experience.

These programs can be designed for any group. A group of friends, a club, a social circle, a special interest group, or a company, just to name a few.

Ask Yourself – What Are Your Goals, And Your Dreams?

The idea here is to benefit from the synergy created in a group environment. If you are working towards achieving big goals with your group, then let us help you maximize the ability of your group to work as a cohesive team and create extraordinary results. Of course, we will use any number of tools to support you in your growth as a team… Tools as games, exercises, coaching, acting, public speaking, meditation, yoga, leadership development, and Strategic Intervention techniques, to name a few. Moreover, the tools we use will depend on our upfront assessment of your team members, and what we feel would best suit your group. Firstly, we do a preliminary assessment of your individual and collective goals and dreams in advance of the group session. Then, formulate the plan for the group session.

Realistically, group sessions are either 4-hours or 8-hours and can be done in person or online. Moreover, Weekend Retreats (Friday midday through Sunday midday) are available. The venues for all Group Sessions and Retreats are in Carefree/Cave Creek, Arizona.

How It Works

Step 1:

Complete the Custom Program booking form.

Step 2:

Michele will review the information you submitted, and she will get back to you within 24 hours with a confirmation or additional questions.

Step 3:

You will be prompted to make your payment after your Custom Program has been confirmed.

Step 4:

Michele will arrange an impactful Custom Program that will help you achieve your goals. Custom Programs will be done online or in person.


Find out how UniQuely Northern’s Custom Programs help companies and groups overcome severe issues and work better together.

Michele not only is a hypnotist, she is genuinely concerned about her patients. She takes her time to get to know you…

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Dolores T.

What a work! Just follow the voice, it can transform a life, if you allow it to: it brought my sparkle back! Thanks Michele!…

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