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Aude Monson

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While it is on my mind, I wanted to give you this testimonial. A few weeks ago you gave me a session on the topic of being late. It was a small issue. During the session I saw the connection to the belief, “I can’t have what I want”. We changed the belief to “I can have exactly what I want.”


Well after that session, things have changed for me. I had been magnetizing that I wanted 6 client sessions a week, but nothing was happening. (Before our session I had maybe 1‐2 client appts a week.) Afterwards I have had at least 6 client appointments each week. Treating this small issue changed a belief that was maybe the last keystone in a wall that was ready to crumble. Who knows?

Hypnosis Therapy Carefree Arizona
Madeleine L.

Michele not only is a hypnotist, she is genuinely concerned about her patients. She takes her time to get to know you so that she can help you with any problems or concerns. She is a gentle, caring & intelligent woman who wants to find the solutions for those who come to her.

Hypno Therapist Michele Guy Syne
Dolores T.

Hypnotherapy… What a BIG word it was for me! But that was before meeting Michele. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, and I had in mind people being totally controlled and doing things against their will. So I have to admit I was intrigued, if not a little scared.


Michele reassured me and explained to me how the session was going to happen. She was very respectful and attentive to my needs and well-being. I, then, stayed conscious (though relaxed) the whole time, while the unconscious part of my brain was doing all the internal work. And what a work! Just follow the voice, it can transform a life, if you allow it to: it brought my sparkle back!


Thanks Michele!

Hypnotherapy Online
Aude M.

I am feeling better. The side effects from the medicines have worn off since I am off of them. All because the doctor neglected to ask me 1 important question. Thank you for caring about me. I still have some sleep problems. Some anxiety. But am better, thanks to you. Happy Holidays.

Sharleen O.

From our sessions, writing has definitely become easier (I’m working on a blog now about the Secure Act) and I’m finding myself calmer and at peace. It’s strange. Before I would have so much anxiety as I was writing.


My business is definitely not where I want it to be yet, but for some reason, I just have this trust it’s coming. I didn’t business plan on my trip as I could tell my husband needed some one-on-one time with me and caught up on some much-needed reading. I’m planning to do it when it feels right. Hopefully, within the next week, I may just take myself to lunch. I haven’t gotten that surge of inspiration, gut feeling of knowing what’s next for my business. I’m hoping it will come soon.


I’m going to start working with a meditation coach in the new year that my friend highly recommended to me who I was impressed by and just started the book The Power of Now. I’m going to tackle those two things next and go from there.


You helped me more than you know. I’m really enjoying the calm and trust for the first time in a long time…..


Thank you thank you. This e-mail only took me 10 minutes. Pretty good eh? 🙂

Hypnosis Therapy Carefree Arizona
Heather T.

You are going to love this….


Before I left the office on Thursday for the long weekend, I was searching for a good visual of I love you, I’m sorry, Pls forgive me, TY.


I looked at a LOT of them and subconsciously, read them over and over in my head. I found a neat one to make my screensaver on my phone and then locked up for the weekend. I actually UNPLUGGED for the entire 4 days and didn’t look at a single email, I just needed to decompress.


When I got home, I was in such a great mood. I was upbeat, not dragging like I usually am at the end of a long week, and begged my husband to take me out for happy hour! He was pretty surprised, usually, I just want to change clothes, veg with my dogs, and go to bed early. We had a wonderful time together and a very fun evening…. And the entire weekend was much of the same! You told me to watch the magic happen, and it did, how powerful.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I am so excited for the possibilities!!



Testimonial For UniQuely Northern

Good morning Michele,


I am not sure if you remember me but I do recall your amazing presentation in 2013 which inspired me to follow my dream of having my own engineering firm.


As of today, Guide Engineering has been in business for one year and already have 4 employees and few other sub-consultant along with over 90 different projects.


This all started from your amazing presentation in 2013 in NAPEG, as a token of appreciation, I thought to send you a thank you note for your inspiring presentation which marked the day I chose to take control of my career and instead of following ethics of others, made my own standards and ethics.


Once again thank you for that and I hope we can be in touch,

Hypno Therapist Michele Guy Syne
Mahyar M.

Thanks! I really enjoy working with you. I always feel so much better when I’ve been with you.


No piles done today, but a few chores that needed doing before I could focus on the piles. Pile work tomorrow wahoo!


Feels good!

Thank you!

Testimonial For UniQuely Northern

Thank you, Michele. This has been so very helpful and have been using “I love you …” several times already and it is making a difference. So grateful to have been in that session with you. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to work to help others heal.


Have an incredible week.


Peace and all good,

Hypnosis Therapy Carefree Arizona

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