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Powerful Participation With Powerful Benefits

We get it. Change is scary and daunting. After all, you have been handling this issue alone for months or years, and you have been managing it alone, right?

You Are Not Alone! You don’t have to be. What if you could join a community that supports you with your issues?

If you are committed to taking action towards accomplishing your goals and overcoming the challenges you face, the Paradigm Shift Participation Levels are here to guide you along your journey.

By participating in monthly memberships, you are free to communicate your needs, be heard, and get support while you learn and grow.

Don’t spend another day facing your issues alone. Michele uses powerful tools and techniques to help you transform the experience we call life. By Participating, you will create a New You, gain a New Perspective and live a New and Inspired Life.

Participation Levels Offered By UniQuely Northern

UniQuely Northern Paradigm Shift Green

$33/ Month
  • Access to our private Telegram group
  • Weekly quotes/insights/tools

UniQuely Northern Paradigm Shift Blue

$133/ Month
  • Everything in Paradigm Shift Green
  • Complete a monthly homework exercise

UniQuely Northern Paradigm Shift Indigo

$333/ Month
  • Everything in Paradigm Shift Blue
  • 1-hour group call/session each month

UniQuely Northern Paradigm Shift Pure Light

$833/ Month
  • 3 x 4 Program. 3 private sessions per month for 4 months.
  • Access to Michele by Email & Text.

Each Level Unlocks Different Perks

Paradigm Shift Green
Paradigm Shift Blue
Paradigm Shift Indigo
Paradigm Shift Pure Light

I am not alone.

I have a supportive community.

I take action towards my intended goals. 

I have a community who supports me in accelerating my growth.

I communicate my needs.

I am heard and supported. I learn and grow.

I transform my experience in this life.

I create a new me, with a new perspective, and therefore live a new and inspired life.

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