“Everybody Wins’ means that a ‘win-win’ situation is created which produces a mutually beneficial outcome for two or more parties. You may ask yourself, ‘Is this really possible?’ Well, I say emphatically, YES! However, often in our society, starting from when we are children we are pitted against each other. We are taught to compete, and be better than everyone else. We are taught to take care of number one…ourselves. As a result, we compare ourselves to others and either come up short or get ego satisfaction from the perception that we are better than another. Neither of these is going to provide us with a sense of wholeness and peace that we as humans need, and crave more than we realize. Without wholeness and peace, there will always be a void..an emptiness that we do not fully understand.

Your only true goal should be to challenge yourself to be better today than you were yesterday and to be better tomorrow than you were today. In an ‘everybody wins’ scenario, you can challenge yourself to be the best person you can be in every moment of every day.

And what might that look like? Well here is what I think this means. It means opening the door for the person behind you at the store. It means letting someone in front of you in traffic. It means donating your time and money to organizations that are making a difference in your communities. It means helping a friend realize a dream. It means smiling at a perfect stranger. It means picking up the piece of garbage on the sidewalk. It means improving the lives of everyone you come in contact with.

Giving is the easiest thing on Earth to do. Contribution, and ‘giving back’ are truly indications of a person’s level of human advancement or spiritual growth. Collaboration, compassion, and kindness are all indications that we have matured as individuals, that we have gained wisdom from our life experiences, and that we are now able to truly give of ourselves for the benefit of all mankind.

I see that ‘everybody wins’ every day in my work with my clients. The excitement of watching a client’s life completely transform in a session provides more fulfillment than you can possibly imagine. You cannot help somebody without helping yourself. When they win, I feel that I have won as well. It is truly a magical experience. Each session energizes and inspires me with a vision of what is possible for each and every one of us…and for all of humanity.

“What I want for myself, I want for everybody.” Jones of Toledo ​​​

So why not go out there and make somebody’s day…

Mahsi Cho

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Michele Guy Syne, P.E., P.Eng., C.Ht., owner of UniQuely Northern, uses the power of the subconscious mind with a hybrid-hypnosis to quickly, and gently release stress, anxiety, painful memories, and emotional trauma to free you up to live your life powerfully, and live a life you Love. Michele does sessions in person, and via Zoom from her office in Carefree.

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