You Can Be Happy…NO MATTER WHAT!

Do you know that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience? Do you know that the purpose of having this Human experience is for us to choose to live in Joy, Knowledge, Freedom, Love and Appreciation? And do you know that all of these feelings are possible for us to experience…no matter what is going on around us?

Pain provides us with an opportunity for growth. All challenges provide us with opportunities for growth. Pain is inevitable, however, suffering is an option. We must be at cause in our lives in order to truly live. Being at effect makes us victims. And if we are victims then there is nothing to be done. Some of the most enlightened and inspiring people on this planet have had to overcome unbelievable trials and tribulations.

If you are alive, you have felt pain. If you are alive, you have had loss, or trauma, or experiences that have shaken you to your very core. The last two years alone have taken a toll on all of us to some degree.

What if you could feel Happiness, Joy, and Love no matter what the circumstance? Believe me when I tell you that regardless of what has happened to you in your life, it is possible to live your life with Ease, Grace, Love, Peace and Happiness. You can feel good, experience joy and wake up every morning excited about the day ahead?

Here are a few concepts to consider as you decide your options:

  1. You create your own reality, so tell yourself a different story. If you tell yourself a disempowering story, you will be disempowered. If you are blaming, you are disempowered. So tell yourself a better story. What you focus on expands, and regrets keep you stuck in the past, so focus on your desired outcome and create an exciting future.
  2. There is nothing wrong, and there is nothing to fix. Know that everything in life is happening just as it should, and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Do you know that you actually signed up for all of this when you came onto this planet?
  3. Release the physical, emotional, and psychic energy associated with the pain by working with a healer. It is nearly impossible to be objective about your own life.
  4. Guilt is a price you pay for a debt you do not owe. So, let go of guilt.
  5. Meditation allows you to settle your brain waves and tap into your Higher Self, or Subconscious Mind. Your Subconscious Mind knows everything about you. It has been with you all of your life. It has the answers to all of the questions you are asking.

We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience, so why not make this experience as wonderful as
possible? Happiness is a choice!

“Life is either an exciting adventure, or nothing at all.” Hellen Keller

Mahsi Cho

More About Michele Guy Syne

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Michele Guy Syne, P.E., P.Eng., C.Ht., owner of UniQuely Northern, uses the power of the subconscious mind with a hybrid-hypnosis to quickly, and gently release stress, anxiety, painful memories, and emotional trauma to free you up to live your life powerfully, and live a life you Love. Michele does sessions in person, and via Zoom from her office in Carefree.

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