Virtual Hypnosis Programs

Virtual Hypnosis Programs

Virtual Hypnosis Programs

Michele offers her clients virtual hypnosis therapy so that can overcome their obstacles from the comfort of their own home. Virtual hypnotherapy helps clients find solutions to depression, pain, weight gain, addiction, fear, and much more. Sessions are done online using Zoom or the telephone.

The conscious and unconscious minds greatly affect how we operate. Michele uses her proprietary, Hybrid Hypnosis ™, to help you identify and remove the root issues that are disrupting your life and negatively affecting you.

Michele proudly supports her clients during treatment, while keeping them accountable and on the path to prosperity. After completing the virtual hypnosis program, you will start living life on your terms.

Benefits Of Virtual Hypnotherapy

Fast Results

Michele gets results quickly, in as little as 1 to 2 sessions.


Michele has been helping clients live their best lives for over 12 years.

1-on-1 Sessions

Spend some time out from your busy schedule to work on YOU.

Virtual Hypnosis Services

hypnotherapy for weight loss

Michele uses Hybrid Hypnosis ™ and other techniques to help her clients manage their weight

Hypnotherapy For Stress

Get your stress under control with Hybrid Hypnosis ™ treatment and other techniques

Hypnosis To Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Therapy is an effective method of releasing smoking and the root causes

Hypnosis For Pain Relief | Hypnotherapy

Michele helps her clients overcome and manage chronic and acute pain. Hypnosis is well documented for pain relief 

Hypnosis For Depression | Hypnotherapy

Never struggle alone with depression again! Michele is here to help you overcome the darkness

Hypnotherapy For Addiction

You are not a slave to addiction. Michele uses Hybrid Hypnosis ™ and other techniques to help you break free 

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