Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Therapy

Hybrid Hypnosis Therapy

Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Therapy Treatment

Hypnotherapy is the oldest and most natural mode of healing. Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Therapy is a process that produces relaxation, the distraction of the conscious mind, heightened suggestibility, and increased awareness, allowing access to the subconscious mind through the imagination. It also provides the ability to experience thoughts and images as real.

Beliefs + Expectations are two components that must be present for Hybrid Hypnosis ™ treatment to work at its best. Beliefs are a guiding principle that gives direction and meaning to life. Our beliefs form the basis of our perceptions of the world. If a man defines situations as real, they are real in their consequences.

Expectations are a self-fulfilling prophecy, in that when we predict an event, the expectation of the event changes our behavior in such a way to make the event more likely to happen.

What Generally Is Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Therapy?

Hypnotherapy services offer a simple and easy way to reprogram our subconscious mind to achieve the things you want to in our life or change our behavior in desired areas.

The brain is made up of two parts. The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. The Conscious mind is about 10 percent of the brain and the subconscious mind occupies the remaining 90%. As children, until the age of about 7 years old, we only had one mind. We absorb every piece of information into our minds at face value. It is only at the age of seven that we developed the “Critical Factor” which then began to filter information that entered into our psyche. It screens information and only lets in what is consistent with what has already been buried in the subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind ‘sees’ a certain reality. However, your creative, subconscious mind lacks the ability to distinguish what is real from what is imagined. So your body is like a robot, responding to messages buried in the subconscious, and acting independently of what you may be consciously wanting to achieve. What a Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Session does is it busies or relaxes the conscious mind, which temporarily gets the critical factor out of the way to allow me to enter suggestions into your subconscious mind. It is not only a simple but extremely relaxing experience.

How Does Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Therapy Feel Like?

During a Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Session, you will be in control at all times. Michele cannot make you do anything that you would not otherwise do in a conscious state. Throughout the session you may drift in and out, hearing her consciously sometimes. Regardless, your subconscious mind will take in everything Michele says.

Your belief in this process and your expectation that this will work will go far towards ensuring your success in this program, so you will want to allow yourself to relax into the words that Michele will be saying during a Hybrid Hypnosis ™ Therapy Session, and to the gentle background music.

Here is how the session will unfold. Firstly, she will put on some relaxing music. Then, she will ask you to close your eyes and talk you through the relaxation of your body from your head to your toes until you are in a deep hypnotic state. Michele will then make suggestions to your unconscious mind that are consistent with your personal goals. After that, it will be concluded by counting up from 1 to 5 to bring you out of the hypnotic state.

In her Three-By-Four Hybrid Hypnosis ™ for Success Program, Michele supports you on your journey to Live an Inspired Life!

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Michele has been helping clients live their best lives for over 12 years.

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How Effective Is Hybrid Hypnosis ™ For Success?

American Health Magazine Compared Different Types Of Therapy And Found:



Behavior Therapy

Hybrid Hypnotherapy Services

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You are not a slave to addiction. Michele uses Hybrid Hypnosis ™ and other techniques to help you break free 


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Michele not only is a hypnotist, she is genuinely concerned about her patients. She takes her time to get to know you…

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